Tuesday, 29 September 2009

What to wear at the office..

I just attended meeting about a magazine.. not anything uber trendy or remotely glam, just a community magazine that goes out to members of the public.

Women outnumbered men at at this meeting about 10-2 and I couldn't help notice what everyone was wearing.

My favourite outifit had to Lady 1, who wore a red shift dress to the knee with a black cardi and snakeskin shoes. She sort of looked like Michelle Dewberry- who won The Apprentice (before Lee( and left Sir Sugars' empire after 2 months.., stylish and practical.

Lady 2 wore a bright purple long sleeve stop, ruched at the shoulders, with a black belt, 3/4 trousers and grey suede heels. Earrings were dangly and sparkly.. stylish yes, but sort of more appropriaite for an after work knees up.

So where is the balance?

I think that to get it right you should start with the basics. Here are my top 5 tips..

1. Have a smart pair of black trousers that fit you.. not the trousers you wore when you were 17 but ones that are the right cut and can be worn with heels.

2. Shift dresses in any colour are great- versatile and can be dressed up and down.

3. Skirts have to be acceptable length, you may look Heidi Klumesque when you stand up but you don't want to show your lady bits when you sit down.

4. Scarves are your friend.. pashminas or neck scarves will jazz up any outfit, lift an all black outfit and may be good to cover the occasional spot on your chin.

5. Don't wear tights with holes in.. even if you are late! Julia Roberts rocked the Pretty Woman look, Trashy Woman is NOT a good look.

What am I wearing today?

All about the comfort.. let's leave it like that.

SGS xoxo

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