Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Baby, it's cold outside...

I have just caught up with last weeks Ugly Betty and got totally jealous of everyone wearing fabulous winter clothes and of course the fact that it is set in my spiritual home.. NYC *swoon*

I am definitely a Summer person, I love tanning the natural way, the way the sun warms your skin, flip flops, sunglasses and maxi dresses.. but whenever the nights draw in closer, and you suddenly have to wear long sleeves I get geared up for Winter.

This sudden late spurt of Summer weather is not welcome.. you had your chance Mother Nature and let's face it you were a selfish b****h when it came to dealing us any consistent sun! I have changed over my wardrobe in preparation for Winter and anything remotely wearable in the sunshine is weeping in my drawers (no pun intended) and top wardrobe shelves.

So let me declare I LOVE WINTER... scarves, hats (I have a great shaped head for them), coats and that feeling of being cold yet you are all wrapped up in 100 layers and not feeling guilty if you forget to shave your legs. Can't forget mulled wine, eggnog and hot choc which IMO all help!

So bring on the Winter MN.... I'm ready!

Love. SGS xoxo

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