Monday, 6 June 2011

How to make a Lady GaGa disco bra: A step-by-step guide

Ever since I saw Lady GaGa cavorting on an inflatable animal in a paddling pool in her debut video for 'Just Dance' not only did I develop a HUGE girl crush but wanted/needed her disco bra.

What, may you ask is a disco bra? It's a bra with mirrored disco ball attached on the cups and looks friggin' awesome as the GaGa demonstrates below.

So, how did I make it?

1. Bra selection - you need a black bra, don't bother with another colour and make sure it has straps and is pretty sturdy as after you attach the pieces it gets pretty heavy (you don't want boobs-ahoy). I chose a multi-way bra with detachable straps.

2. Mirrored pieces - these I found pretty easily on eBay, it seems if you live in America you can get buy them from online shops but being a UK girl I found a UK based seller on Ebay - type in mirrored disco ball pieces and they were around £5.00 for 200 pieces and I ended up using close to 400 pieces which I suppose depends on piece sizes and size of bra (mine is a 36C).

3. Super glue -I used a normal shop bought super glue and applied a blob of glue to the tile and then used a cotton bud to spread it over the the whole tile - beware I glued pretty much all of my fingers and nails, it's a tricky process!

The stages of disco bra

Voila - la disco bra!

Finally owning a disco bra is life changing. I have been wanting to make one since 2008 and if I were Prime Minister I would make it law that everyone possess one.

Lady GaGa and her disco bra have made a massive impact on my life and have even influenced my Twitter name - @discobra so please follow me if you like GaGa, food, film and angry rants!

Love, SGS xoxo

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