Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Christmas Excess

Christmas Excess

So Christmas has been and gone, leftover turkey made into curry, chocolate wrappers in every sofa orifice and the zip on your jeans heroically tries to 'do up' when you dress in the morning, God, I love Christmas.

Like all good things it has to end and we move into 2011 which has marked a period of immense change for myself. I have a new job and a new flat which may seem like a drop in the ocean to some people, for a person who isn't great with change it's pretty significant.

For so long I have craved change in my work situation and for some reason I have felt scared and apprehensive of my new and much improved job. I however obsess over the small things, the route to work, the process of opening/locking up, traffic, will my colleagues like the way I make tea/coffee? Yes, it is exhausting being me sometimes, I don't think even Woody Allen would swap an hour in my brain.

I have decided to 'man up and shut up' both the job and flat situation has been greatly improved and I'm going to embrace the change, welcome it with a big, warm hug and just get on with it. I've written myself a note:

Dear SGS,

Stop being such an idiot - see the positives you headcase, these life changes are GOOD.

Yours faithfully, 

SGS xx

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